Kitsuki Temko was a magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Murder at Honored Treaty City Edit

Temko an agent of the Shogun Kaneka. She was appointed to investigate the death of Seppun Juro, karo and governor of Honored Treaty City. [1] He discovered that Juro had been poisoned, struck by a dart coated in a potent variant of Night Milk. [2]

Seeking Aid Edit

Temko requested Shiba Kanshiro to confess he had killed his Lord, but the samurai swore he was not responsible for the crime. Temko goaded Kanshiro to test his mettle, and she quickly realized the inexperienced samurai was the only one she knew was truly innocent. Temko requested Kanshiro to aid the magistrate during the investigation. [3]

Murderer Exposed Edit

Kanshiro exposed the peasant Genjo, Seppun Isa's older brother, as Juro's murderer, and stroke him down when he attempted to escape through force. Juro never had children of his own and had adopted the daughter of one of his servants. In the end, Juro's honor did not allow him to continue the charade, and he summoned her betrothed Mirumoto Aichi to tell him the truth in person. Genjo acted to stop Juro, so that his sister would have hope for a better life. Eventually Aichi decided to keep his vows of marriage with Isa. [4]

Favor for a Favor Edit

Kenshiro returned to his village accompanied by an Imperial Legion, dispatched by Temko to return his aid. The young bushi had arrived to Juro's court requesting aid against bandits who were harassing his village, so Temko returned him the favor she owed to Kanshiro. [5]


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