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Kitsuki Shimada was an ambassador of the Dragon Clan.

Station Edit

Shimada followed his grandftaher's footsteps and joined the Kitsuki Investigator school. He uncovered an assassin’s plot to eliminate his master, a minor Kitsuki lord, earning great respect since this day. [1]

Failure Edit

In the Night of the Assassins failed to realize the assassination of his charge had occurred, and he also allowed the assassin to escape, after he crossed paths with the killer. Shimada kept his failure a secret and, over the course of two decades, followed a virtually invisible trail left by the intruder, to uncover who the assassin was. [1]

Colonies Edit

Shimada eventually knew the intruder was a member of the Spider Clan, and the an old man followed the trail to the Colonies. He accepted a position as the Dragon Clan's delegation head in the Second City. [1]

Secret Lover Edit

The old ambassador used to gossip with the younger Isawa Yuzuki, and they began a secret relationship. The couple were within the city in 1198 during the Siege of the Second City. [2]

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