Kitsuki Seiji

Kitsuki Seiji

Kitsuki Seiji was a courtier of the Dragon Clan.

Trading Rice Edit

The War of Silk and Steel had taxed the Dragon resources to their very limit. In 1167 Seiji was tasked to exchange rice trade agreements with the Minor Clans, offering to sponsorship them in the Imperial Court. He traveled with his appointed yojimbo Mirumoto Kenzo and a ronin vassal, Hozumi. He succesfully made an agreement with the Ox Clan. [1]

Monkey Clan Edit

The group came to the Vigilant Keep of the Monkey, to meet the Monkey Clan Champion Toku Inao. The Scorpion Clan represented by Bayushi Tsimaru was already there, with the same purpose. Seiji was surprised when Hozumi introduced himself to Inao as the son of Toku's comrade, Sanzo. [1]

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