Please note: This article is about the Kitsuki Investigator. For other uses of the term, please see Sasuke (disambiguation).

Kitsuki Sasuke was a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive Kitsuki Investigator of the Dragon Clan.

Investigator Edit

Sasuke was sent to the Winter Court at Kyuden Otomo in 1168, where he befriended Kitsuki Kouri. With the help of Tsuruchi Kaya, both Kitsuki were appointed as yoriki to Emerald Magistrates present at the court, [1] with Sasuke serving under Doji Asuki. Sasuke accompanied him to the capital Toshi Ranbo near the end of winter. Sasuke also participated in several criminal investigations (and leaked information from one of them), pursued a fruitless romance with Doji Jorihime, and persuaded the Otomo to let him train their house guards in the Kitsuki Method. [2]


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