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Kitsuki Rinjin was a Kitsuki Investigator of the Dragon Clan.

Fascination with Death Edit

Rinjin was fascinated with the concept of physical death, how a living thing degraded and returned to the natural cycle, earning him a notoriety as a macabre scholar. Many were put off by the macabre questions he asked, but Rinjin used his natural charm and friendly nature to just had a few more answers. [1]

Kuni Connections Edit

Several [[sensei in the Kuni family's school stroke up a friendship with Rinjin, and they granted him free travel and access to important individuals he would otherwise be considered too insignificant to approach. Rinjin shared his findings with his allies among the Crab. However, he wondered at the motivations of two of the Kuni Shugenja sensei he worked with, and he withhold certain pieces of information for fear of how they might be used in unscrupulous hands. [1]

Temple to Emma-O Edit

Rinjin visited Kyuden Kurogane-Hana, the castle where the Temple to Emma-O, the Fortune of Death was located. He quickly made relationships with samurai of other clans. [2]

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