Kitsuki Remata

Kitsuki Remata

Kitsuki Remata was a magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Open Eye Dojo Edit

Remata was a notable student of the Open Eye Dojo, [1] with an agile mind and excellent memory for detail. He would become an Emerald Magistrate. [2]

Renowned Investigator Edit

Whenever an Imperial family member required a sensitive matter dealt with dignity and discretion, the prestigious Remata was the one they called upon. [3] In 1158 Remata investigated the disappearence of the Steel Throne, but with no success. [4]

Yasuki Lineage Edit

In 1159 [5] Hantei Naseru enjoined Remata to investigate the mysterious lineage of Akodo Kaneka. [6] After the Yasuki family succession came into question, as the nearest heir they could find was Daidoji Hachi, Remata was given a scroll by Miya Heikichi which revealed that Kaneka was more closely related to the Yasuki family line. [7] [8] It named the geisha Hatsuko as a daughter of the Yasuki family leadership. [9] With the support of the Scorpion, Akodo Kaneka led an army to seize the Yasuki lands himself. The Crab were allowed to draw upon the resources of the land, while the Crane Yasuki were ordered to leave. Both Hachi and Remata suspected foul play regarding the discovery of Kaneka's lineage. [10]

Evidence Edit

Kitsuki Remata investigating the Yasuki family line

Remata Investigating

Remata had visited Kyuden Miya to check the scroll, but Miya Heikichi informed him they had been requested by Ikoma Fudai for storage in the damaged archives of the Ikoma family. [9]

Remata finally found evidences of the forgery, and the presumed Yasuki lineage of Hatsuko was no true. She was, in fact, purchased by the Shosuro from the Nanbu, a small vassal family of the Soshi. He and Kaneka suspected Miya archivist Miya Ippei had forged the documents, but he was found dead from a Liquid Void overdose before he could reveal the truth. [11]

Allegiance to the Shogun Edit

Remata knew that only one man had been capable of such flawless deception, Hantei Naseru, so he turned against the Anvil and vowed to reveal his duplicity. [3] Calling upon an obscure reference in the Book of Sun Tao, Kaneka declared himself Shogun. [12] Remata shattered his blade upon the floor in front of Kaneka, swearing fealty to the Shogun. [11]

Investigation in Hare lands Edit

Remata also investigated several strange events happened in Hare lands. [13] [14] Usagi Ozaki would give his help to the Kitsuki. [15] It was a message written in blood. [16] It was not known what happened. [citation needed]

Hachi's Karo Edit

Remata was the karo of the Emerald Champion Yasuki Hachi, overseeing the Castle of the Emerald Champion's daily affairs. After the Fall of Otosan Uchi new defensive estructures were added to the castle, and during the works items turned up missing, strange noises erupted in the dead of night, and nightmares were rampant. Remata recalled a group of samurai, who discovered the grave of a caretaker, Tokutomi, had been disturbed by the works. The group appeased the ghost. [17]

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