Kitsuki Orika 
Kitsuki Orika 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1169

Kitsuki Orika was a Dragon Clan courtier. However, she had been initially trained as a magistrate. but never served. [1]

Betrothed Edit

Orika was a rising star among the Dragon contingent in court. She was moved to duty in the courts when she proved her skills there. [1] Orika had been investigating suspicious activities at the Asahina estates during Winter Court. [citation needed] She was called away suddenly, but apparently not before impressing Asahina Keitaro and he had her betrothed to Kakita Matabei. It was said he called in many favors to arrange the wedding. [1]

Death Edit

In 1169 during the Month of the Tiger, [2] after giving the Toturi III's Journal as a gift to Doji Domotai, Orika was found murdered in Kyuden Doji, one day before she was to marry. [3] She had been killed by Yajinden because she was beginning to threaten his activities in Shinden Asahina. [4]

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