Kitsuki Nubane

Kitsuki Nubane

Kitsuki Nubane was a courtier, duelist and magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

War of Serpents Edit

Nubane was a Dragon represntative in the Imperial Court. In 1198 he was tasked to investigate the disappearance of the former Dragon Clan Champion and present member of the Order of Togashi Togashi Maro, who was most known as Mirumoto Mareshi. Other members of the Empire related to the Naga as Akasha had disappeared as well, and the Naga Embassy had been destroyed by an explosion that killed the Mara. The Imperial Herald arrived an told the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru had been slain in the Second City. [1]

Colonies Edit

Zembu's Retreat

Nubane claiming a temple

This year he was sent to the Colonies. While he was exploring alongsie a Mirumoto unit, they found an enigmatic temple untouched by time, [2] in an area which would be known as Zembu's Retreat. [3]

Imperial Court Edit

In 1199 Nubane was appointed in the Imperial Court. In the courts Kanae had blamed the Crab for the appearance of an oni of the Shadowlands, Minikui no Oni, within their lands. Nubane reported to the priestess that Naga forces would join a Crab army marching against the Lion, which confronted in the Plains of Thunder. Eventually the conflict finished when it was exposed that a corrupted shugenja descendant of the defunct Shimizu family had summoned the Oni. [4]

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