Kitsuki Nonami 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Kitsuki Courtier 
Siblings: Kitsuki Gaikushi

Kitsuki Nonami was a Kitsuki Investigator of the Dragon Clan.

Born in the Colonies Edit

Nonami and his identical twin brother Kitsuki Gaikushi were born in the Colonies into a prestigious family of Kitsuki Courtiers. They joined the Kitsuki Investigator school, where Gaikushi showed he was more “bookish” while Nonami was far more active and practical in her approach. Gaikushi is extremely good at deductive reasoning and Nonami relied mostly on inductive reasoning. [1]

Station Edit

They passed their gempukku in 1197, and the next year they were among the youngest members of the Dragon delegation in the Second City, applying the Kitsuki's Method to their social interactions. They knew only tales of Rokugan through visitors who came from the Empire. [1]

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