Kitsuki Nagiken

Kitsuki Nagiken

Kitsuki Nagiken was a Dragon Clan samurai and magistrate and justicar.

Training Edit

Nagiken was trained in the Iron Mountain Dojo, becoming his sensei's favored student. [1]

Bride of Secrets Edit

In 1167 Toturi Miyako was kidnapped in Lion lands. Nagiken assisted the Emerald Magistrate Mirumoto Narumi in the investigation. They met Miyako's betrothed, the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Paneki, and the commanders of two Imperial Legions, Hitomi Suguhara and Kitsu Dejiko. Paneki dismissed the Legions and only the magistrates followed the investigation. [2]

Miyako's Rescue Edit

Kitsuki Nagiken 1

Kitsuki Nagiken

They tracked down the kidnappers to the village of Beiden. There Narumi found an old acquitance, the ronin Taki, who was pressed to inform about all he knew of the matter. Taki had supplied a group that entered the Lion lands through the Shamate Pass, and returned with less numbers. They could be found in an abandoned jade mine in Spine of the World Mountains. They entered the cave, where a group of bandits made up of Mantis or former Mantis samurai, and rescued Miyako. Paneki appeared and killed the last alive kidnapper, so no clue of what were the reasons behind the event. Miyako's face and throat had been severely damaged by the bandits. [2]

Test of the Emerald Champion Edit

In 1169 Nagiken witnessed the Test of the Emerald Champion, and talked with the Dragon representative, Mirumoto Narumi. [1]

Station Edit

This year the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Kei stationed Ngaiken in the former Crane village of Taikitsu Mura. [1]

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