Kitsuki Methods

Kitsuki Methods

The Kitsuki Method was invented by Agasha Kitsuki of the Agasha family when it was still part of the Dragon Clan. It was a unique technique utilizing perception, awareness and intuition. [1]

Kitsuki family Edit

The Kitsuki Method continued to be developed and used by the Kitsuki family, after it was founded by Agasha Kitsuki when he was granted his own family within the Dragon Clan. [2]

Used by Kitsuki magistrates within the Dragon Clan and by Kitsuki who served as Emerald Magistrates, this method relied upon the strict, meticulous gathering of evidence and details when investigating crimes in order to determine innocence or guilt. This contrasted with the traditional method of testimony as practiced throughout the history of Rokugan, [3] the Ritsuryo. [4]

Tamori family Edit

The Kitsuki Daimyo theorized that one of the greatest failings of the method was that any shugenja could destroy evidences, so he turned on the Tamori Shugenja for support. The Tamori eventually incorporated the method in their ways, adn it began to be taught at the Open Eye Dojo. [5]

External Links Edit

Kitsuki Evidence

Kitsuki Evidence


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