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Kitsuki Kira 
Kitsuki Kira 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200

Kitsuki Kira was a courtier and magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Station Edit

Second City Edit

Kira was appointed in the Second City, under the command of Togashi Noboru, leader of the Dragon delegation in the Colonies. His yojimbo Mirumoto Taimaro suffered a Green Fever, and he was replaced by Mirumoto Higaru. In 1199 Kira reported his lord about the news from the Imperial Court, such as the appointment of Yasuki Makoto as the new Imperial Advisor. Daigotsu Kanpeki himself visited Noboru, and the Dragon pondered about the current master of the Goju and the Ninube if there were remaining. [1]

Imperial Court Edit

In 1199 the Lion Clan made allegations of Scorpion smuggling and also about the ambush of a Lion patrol in the highways near the Imperial City, which were dismissed as untrue by the Scorpion representative Bayushi Fuyuko. Doji Natsuyo, Kitsuki Kira and Isawa Kido all sought to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, but it was expected the Empress Iweko I would grant the Lion permission to wage war against the Scorpion. [2]

Coronation of Iweko II Edit

In 1200 Kira was the Dragon delegate in the coronation of Iweko Seiken as Emperor Iweko II. Kira was granted to investigate the matter of Yoritomo Goichi's death, who had been poisoned in the Imperial Court dueing the offerings to the Emperor-to-be. A document which incriminated one of Goichi's underlingvwas exposed as a forgery by Kira. The true culprit was Shosuro Sakura, but Kira could not discover her implication. [3]

Death Edit

Kira as an oversee of the Spider Clan and alongside his yojimbo Mirumoto Rikiya, he was beside the Susumu Daimyo Susumu Kuroko when in 1200 she visited the House of Ignorant Bliss, a private theatre owned by Daigotsu Meikuko. The place was stormed by undead forces and Kira was killed on the spot by their commander, Daigotsu Endo. The action was part of the Spider rebellion against the Empire. [4]

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