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Kitsuki Ketto (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1163 [1] 
Siblings: Kitsuki Motoko

Kitsuki Ketto, the Fearless Hunter, was a magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Sister Edit

His sister Kitsuki Motoko had revealed that Ikoma Shinchiro had altered his family's histories to bring greater glory to his family's name, and the Ikoma killed Motoko in a fit of rage. [2]

Death Edit

Ketto began a quest of the Lion for two years, and arrived to the village of Chibasu. He realized that Sanada, a pirate king leader of the Serpents of Sanada, and Ikoma Shinichiro were the same person. Ketto was relentless in his pursuit and Sanada killed him after the magistrate discovered his secret headquarters in Chibasu. [3]

Grave of the Fearless Hunter Edit

Ketto's ashes were mixed into the beach by Sanada's pirates, and commissioned a master sculptor to create a grave marker, a simple black stone with the kanji “Fearless Hunter” carved in the front. [3]


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