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Kitsuki Katashi was an Emerald Magistrate of the Dragon Clan in the second half of the 12th century.

Porisuko Edit

Katashi studied a report from a Tax Collector, who had heard rumors of a Temple to Mikoto within a ronin settlement called Porisuko, a village non existing in the Imperial Census. He assembled a group of samurai and discovered a prosperous, fully-functioning town led by the Guards' Wrath, an otokodate. Katashi made an arrangement with its leaders, to forgive the many years they had not paid their taxes, and in return Porisuko would home permanently a Tax Collector. [1]

Shiba Kenji Edit

Katashi was an honorable and dedicated man, and endured several minor incidents around one of his subordinates, Shiba Kenji. When he saw obscene doodles in the margins of one of Kenji's reports, Katashi came to the Tax Collector, and requested his seppuku. Kenji demanded Katashi to show him proof of this being his work, and Katashi realized that the horrid drawings could not possibly have been done by his underling. Katashi withdrew his demand for seppuku, but sent him as Tax Collector of Porisuko. Unknown to Katashi, the incidents had been caused by a mujina, a trickster spirit, and the creature would follow Kenji and provoked his wife's death. [2]


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