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Kitsuki Kadiri 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Water Hammer City governor

Kitsuki Kadiri was a fire shugenja of the Dragon Clan. [1]

Training Edit

Kadiri was born with the ability to speak with the kami, a rarity among her family, and sent to the Tamori Shugenja school, devoted to the earth element. She was almost expelled after some failures for her inability to master the magical arts. this halted when she learned of the corruption of a fellow student, Tamori Arai, who had attacked her sensei. Kadiri unleashed her inner gift when she lose self-control, killing the maho-tsukai with a fire spell. Realizing her liking for the fire element, Kadiri was enrolled in the Isawa Fire Shugenja school. [2]

Station Edit

Kadiri after her gempukku joined the Asako Inquisitor, becoming a reputed expert on hunting and destroying maho-tsukai. In 1166 she was appointed as the governor of Water Hammer City, a post vacant since the previous governor was killed by Bloodspeakers. The Tamori Daimyo told there were suspicions that a maho cult had infiltrated Water Hammer City, perhaps in hope of corrupting the heavenly disc which was the sacred anvil of the Water's Strength Temple. She named Togashi Minoru to be her chief Magistrate. Kadiri she earned a reputation as a temperamental woman. [3]

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