Kitsuki Kaagi's Journal 
Kitsuki Kaagi's Journal
Created by: Kitsuki Kaagi
First used by: Kitsuki Kaagi
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Kitsuki Kaagi's Journal was a book written in the 12th century by the magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi.

Contents Edit

The journal was arranged in four chapters, [1] and detailed Kaagi's investigations into ninja [2] and the Lying Darkness, becoming a vessel for the Darkness' power. [3] Even as readers perused its contents, learning of its nature and identity, the Darkness gained a foothold into the reader's mind. [4]

Readers Edit

Few people were known to have read the book in addition to Kaagi.

Location Edit

Shortly after the completion of the journal in 1120, [7] Kaagi tasked an eta, [8] supposedly Kaagi's servant and minion of the Shadow Meilekki [9] to bring it back to Shiro Kitsuki and into the care of the Kitsuki Daimyo Kitsuki Yasu. [7] [2]

In the depths of Shiro Mirumoto Yasu constructed a crystal room. On a pedestal encased in crystal it was contained, and the journal was in a wooden box with the inscription "Do not read this!", waiting for the next reader. [10]

Stolen Edit

As Hitomi began examining Shosuro, in the crystal chamber deep within Kyuden Togashi, agents of the Darkness stole the Journal from Kyuden Kitsuki, substituting a blank duplicate in its stead. [4] The journal was kept in the Chamber of Crystal, together with Shosuro. [11]

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