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Kitsuki Jotomon

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Kitsuki Jotomon 
Kitsuki Jotomon 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Kitsuki Shotoko

Kitsuki Jotomon was a bushi of the Dragon Clan who lived at Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Bushido Edit

Bushido was her passion, her only passion. Jotomon believed it made people into superior human beings. [1] When the city's governor Shosuro Hyobu thought to enact a law forbidding instruction to commoners, Jotomon said she would eject any unfit to her teachings. If any student of hers was convicted of a crime, Jotomon would share in any punishment. [2] Not all at the city liked Jotomon's teachings, and once one of her heimin's students was framed to discredit Jotomon. [3]

Jotomon school Edit

Jotomon achieved the highest rank of the Mirumoto Bushi school, and developed a style of her own, the Jotomon style. [1] She opened the Jotomon's Dojo in the Downhill neighborhood to teach it. [4] Unfortunately, with Jotomon's death, her dojo fell into ruin. Her students moved back to the Kitsuki lands, teaching the Jotomon's Shinrai school. [5]

Death Edit

Jotomon had a daughter, Kitsuki Shotoko, who shared her commitment to justice, keeping the two close until Jotomon's passing. [6]


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