Kitsuki Hanbei

Kitsuki Hanbei

Kitsuki Hanbei was a bushi and a magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Scorpions make surprisingly effective magistrates. After all, who knows the law better than those who make a habit of breaking it?
- Hanbei

Mirumoto Ichizo Edit

Hanbei investigated Mirumoto Ichizo, a bushi stationed at the Sunset Tower for a maximum of three months, who then returned to the Dragon lands or travel to the Crane lands for about the same time. Hanbei guessed Ichizo was guarding a dangerous nemuranai and he spent time far from it was to make sure the artifact did not have a hold on his soul. [2]

In 1171 Hanbei visited Ichizo, and he was with another guest, Togashi Gato. The Kitsuki wished to tell a tale of Ichiro's selfless sacrifice in the winter court, to propel Dragon Clan's political power, but Ichizo refused to talk about his history to Hanbei. [2]

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