Kitsuki Hakada was a bushi of the Dragon Clan. He was a direct descendant of Agasha Kitsuki himself. [1]

Magistrate Edit

Hakada possessed great skills in observarion and deduction, and an extreme fascination for the military arts. He trained in the Kitsuki Magistrate school, but Hakada spent every second of spare time training in the arts of war. [1]

Karo Edit

As a magistrate, he first became a brilliant if somewhat uninterested karo for Kitsuki Yasu. An admirer of the Mirumoto, he kept training himslef in combat and tactics. [2]

Clan War Edit

When the Clan War began, he resigned his position and joined Mirumoto Sukune who had taken an early interest in his abilities. [2] He was granted a minor position of command in the Dragon Clan Army, where he showed his tactical genius. [1]

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