Kitsuki Gekijin 
Born: (c. 1131
Died: Unknown

Kitsuki Gekijin was a magistrate and a notable student of the Dojo of the First Glance, in his pursuit to became a Justicar. In 1160, when he was in his late twenties, his sensei Kitsuki Gensui trained him as his own repacement as Master of the dojo. [1]

Recovered Wakizashi Edit

Gekijin had bad temper, so he attempted to control it visiting a waterfall near Last Step Castle. During one of his training sessions he lost his wakizashi, one that had been in the family for six generations. He requested aid to a group of samurai who discovered that Kitsuki Shomin had stolen it. Shomin, another student, did it in a jealous attempt to dishonor Gekijin. [1]


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