Kitsuki Diplomat

Kitsuki Diplomat

The Kitsuki Dipolmat is unique in Rokugan. Their ability to sniff out Crane or Scorpion plots and prevent crimes in the Dragon provinces makes them very much appreciated by the Mirumoto. The lands of the Dragon Clan are the only throughout the Empire that evidence is considered important in investigations. In most other courts, including that of the Emerald Champion, only testimony is counted as reliable. The Kitsuki are also not as skilled diplomats as members of the Crane or the Scorpion, but their skills lie more in weeding throught sincerity and deception. This is a highly valued ability not only among the Dragon but the Crab and Unicorn too, and visiting Kitsuki are highly respected by those two clans.[1]

Kitsuki's Method Edit

The Kitsuki seek the truth, and have more faith in tangible evidence as opposed to the nebulous nature of human memory and testimony. Agasha Kitsuki's studies of the human mind were done with simple experiments which appeared to be simple conversations to his subjects. These studies revealed how everyone saw the truth in different ways, and the only "true truth" was that which could be proven with physical evidence. Using the teachings of his Agasha School, Kitsuki developed ways of seeking out, collecting and interpreting evidence. Viewing an event as a puzzle with many small pieces, Kitsuki believed that if the pieces were found and identified the puzzle could be solved. Using the techniques of his school Kitsuki founded a school that sought to eliminate the failings of the Rokugani justice system, leading to the Kitsuki Magistrates.[2]

References Edit

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