Kitsuki Magistrate

Kitsuki Courtier

The Kitsuki Courtiers learned to hone and sharp their senses, and it was originally known as the Kitsuki Magistrate school, [1] renowned throughout the Empire for producing students with great skills within investigation and deduction. [2]

Purpose Edit

The Magistrates were created by Agasha Kitsuki who sought to use the theories the Agasha had developed to eliminate the failings of the Rokugani justice system. The Kitsuki Magistrates were capable of identifying footprints, studying blood splatter, what type of weapon was used, angles and force used and how long ago the wound had been made. Inevitably these truths that the Magistrates would uncover clashed with the testimonies of those involved, and if those people were high ranking the Magistrates would frequently be ignored. Sometimes the Kitsuki would even be accused of fabricating evidence to further their own glory, and the Kitsuki never take such accusations lightly. [3]

Characteristics Edit

Kitsuki Magistrates were the greatest pure detectives within the Empire, in regards to the ability to solve a mystery by finding clues and logically deriving the causes of events. They tended to operate independently of each other, and lacked a formal organization, providing them with a level of flexibility the magistrates of other Clans rarely enjoyed. At the same time it led to failures because a lone Magistrate was simply unprepared for or overwhelmed by the forces arrayed against him, such as Kitsuki Kaagi was when he was investigating the Lying Darkness. [4]

Dojo Edit

Kitsuki Magistrate 2

Kitsuki Magistrate

All Kitsuki Courtiers were trained in the Dojo of the Perfect Word near Kyuden Tonbo. [5]

Mon Edit

The mon of the Kitsuki Magistrates depicted a violet, the flower of watchfulness. [6]

Kitsuki Magistrate Techniques Edit

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