Kitsuki Bashin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Perfect Word sensei

Kitsuki Bashin was a Kitsuki Courtier and magistrate of the Dragon Clan.

Magistrate Edit

Bashin was a student of the Dojo of the Perfect Word and talented practitioner of Ichi-Miru. He became friend of the Ikoma Daimyo Ikoma Sume after a timely involvement in an extended trade negotiation between the Lion and the Mantis. [1]

Sensei Edit

Bashin was appointed as sensei in 1158, two months before the death of Toturi. He was a boisterous and friendly man, given to using jokes and sarcasm while teaching. During the Four Winds era Bashin was requested to escort younger courtiers or to attend the more important political functions at Otosan Uchi, and he gained many allies during his stays in the Imperial City, especially among the Lion. [1]

Aiding the Lion Edit

During the Dragon-Phoenix War, Bashin sent Togashi Mitsu deep into Phoenix territory to aid Ikoma Fujimaro, a Lion advisor to the Phoenix who had been left behind enemy lines after Shiba Aikune attacked his Clan's former allies. Fujimaro rescued his nephew Ikoma Korin from a Phoenix ambush and proceeded to harass Phoenix forces for the next several months. [2]

Bloodspeaker Cell Edit

In 1160 Fujimaro returned to the Dojo with a large group of samurai. Bashin sent Fujimaro to find and wipe out a Bloodspeaker cell who had been found hiding in and around the roads heading to Last Step Castle and throughout the Great Climb. The Lion exposed two Kitsuki Magistrates who had become corrupted by the Taint and were helping the cell evade detection. [3]

Heir Edit

Bashin left the dojo every other year to attend Winter Court and several other courts of the Great Clans. During his frequent absences, his senior sensei Kitsuki Jomasu led the school. [4]


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