Kitsu Tinshu 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Kitsu Tenshin

Kitsu Tinshu was a courtier of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Tinshu was the brother of Kitsu Tenshin, who served in the Ikoma army. [1]

Winter Court - 1170 Edit

Tinshu attended winter court at Kyuden Bayushi in winter 1170-1171. One of Tinshu’s ancestors had assisted in dispatching a dark spirit that had plagued White Oak Castle generations ago, and in reward, he had been granted a small cutting from the great tree itself. Tinshu’s family had cultivated the tree and grown one of their own in their private estate within the Kitsu provinces. They now wished to return it to the Phoenix. [1]

Origins Edit

Ikoma Hanshiro, who disliked Tinshu with no reason, had discovered that Tinshu and his brother were a secret descendant of the Shimizu family. Luckily for them, Hanshiro could not find anything damning and so Tenshin's secret remained hidden. [1]


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