Kitsu Tenshin 
Kitsu Tenshin 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Kitsu Tinshu

Kitsu Tenshin was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Tenshin was brother of Kitsu Tinshu. [1]

Cursed Blade Edit

Kitsu Tenshin receiving a cursed blade

Tenshin receiving a cursed blade...

Kitsu Tenshin receiving a cursed blade from a goryo

...from a goryo

In 1169 Tenshin received a cursed blade. With it he could win a duel, as he desired. [2] The gifter, a goryo, would inform the price later, after his victory. [3] He chose to take the sword, but he did not reject his heritage. [4]

Station Edit

Tenshi served with great distinction in the Ikoma army. [1]

Secret Ancestry Edit

During the Winter court of 1170, historian Ikoma Hanshiro discovered that Tenshin was a secret descendant of the Shimizu family. Luckily for Tenshin, Hanshiro could not find anything damning and so Tenshin's secret remained hidden. [1]

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