Kitsu Tamasine

Kitsu Tamasine

Kitsu Tamasine was a Water shugenja and Sodan Senzo of the Lion Clan.

Imperial Court Edit

Tamasine was a Lion representative at the Imperial Court in Toshi Ranbo during the reign of the Empress Iweko I. [1]

Dark Naga Edit

In 1198 the Imperial Chancellor announced to the court that the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Ikoma Katsuru had been killed in the Second City by a Dark Naga which infiltrated in his chambers. Iweko appointed Otomo Suikihime as his succesor. [1]

Colonies Edit

In 1198 Tamasine was under the command of Akodo Kamina in the Empty Plains, with the duty to find the mysterious raiders who had been plaguing the Ki-Rin's Path. They found the encampment of an expeditionary force from the Yodotai Empire. The gaijin had encountered thieving travelers who cursed the Yodotai and caused them to be lost. They were slaughtered by Kamina's forces after the enemy leader offered an alliance, so the Lion would had been elevated above all others, and appointed as the vassals to oversee the Empire under the Yodotai governance. [2]

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