The Kitsu Spirit Legion was relatively new to the Lion, and consisted of those Kitsu Shugenja who had been dramatically affected by the influence of the Spirit Realms on the Lion lands over the past few decades, and who were now able to reach across the boundaries between the realms and summon warrior spirits to aid them. There were initially only twelve known to possess the abilities necessary to be in this elite group. [1]

Creation Edit

The Legion emerged in during the years immediately prior to the Clan War, founded by Kitsu Koichi. The group remained almost infintesimally small, with never more than twenty members. By the time of the War of Spirits, the Legion was a fully established organization within the Lion Clan Army. [2]

Duty Edit

The Spirit Legion excelled at small unit tactics and were deployed to assist commanders overseeing border patrols and other such basic duties. [3]

Known Technique Edit

Known Members Edit


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