Kitsu Shugenja

Kitsu Shugenja

The Kitsu Shugenja School stood as a testament that the Lion Clan was more than a coalition of bloodthirsty warriors. Founded by the Kitsu race, the Kitsu Shugenja were trained to focus their minds in a manner that helped them perceive the other Spirit Realms.

Kitsu Mask Edit

When a Kitsu traveled to the Spirit Realms he bore his mask. The mask were handmade by themselves, and had two different purposes. During their spiritual wanderings a spirit could be offended, and the mask concealed their true identity, denying the ghost to beging a haunting on the Kitsu's family. The second was that after any mortal died, their faces changed, and the Kitsu were the only ones who could decide which shape they would form, the ones of their masks. [1]

Elite Unit Edit

Those Kitsu that showed exceptionally strong ties to the Spirit Realms were promoted to the ranks of the Kitsu Spirit Legion, although this was rare, as only twelve known individuals possessed the gifts necessary to train with this group. [2]

Known Techniques Edit

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