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Kitsu Senshi

Kitsu Senshi

Kitsu Senshi was a shugenja of the Lion Clan. She was a tough woman who had tangled with brigands, Maho-tsukai, oni, and traitors inside her own clan. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Senshi was a crusty, humorless and pushy woman, who did not accept other's opinions if they were not matched her own. She never married, and despite many would come to aid her, not many liked to spend their time with Senshi. [1] Senshi disliked the gaijin style of the Unicorn buildings at the city, so she proposed a law that would only allow structures with “traditional Rokugani architecture” in the Old Section. [2]

Chasing cultists Edit

Senshi came to Ryoko Owari Toshi because she had evidence of a Moon God cult operating out of the city. She did not pin them down but killed several cultists. Another cult related to snakes sprung as well. Her closest friend in the city was Ikoma Yoriko. [1]


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