It was not known who was Kitsu Sakura when she was alive. As a kansen she managed in the 12th century to foul a Kitsu Shugenja, Kitsu Norinaga, who ambitioned to become a Sodan-senzo. Believing Sakura was a benevolent ancestor he allowed to elevate his spirit over the Mortal Realm, but instead to travel to Yomi the shugenja's spirit appeared at Jigoku. Norinaga's mind was broken and Sakura melded herself to his soul, surfacing as his secret advisor's voice. After years Norinaga grew increasingly addicted to his greater kansen, a creature he called "blossom," "my blood sister," or just "sister." Norinaga joined the Bloodspeakers as part of their leadership, the Circle of Five. [1]


  1. Bloodspeakers, pp. 72-73

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