Kitsu Osen 
Kitsu Osen 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1130 
Spouse: Doji Sasumiko

Kitsu Osen was a spymaster of the Lion Clan who infiltrated the Crane Clan under the disguise of Daidoji Osen, [1] a Daidoji who had perished in the Clan War. [2]

Appearance Edit

Osen was a small man, dressed in the opulent robes of the Crane, and carrying a golden mask, held aloft on a delicate stick. The wore the mask a visit to a Scorpion Winter Court. [3]

Spymaster Edit

Daidoji Osen

Osen in disguise

Osen was in fact a Lion spy, under the command of Ikoma Sume, [4] and would send encoded messages to Garden Under Shadow City under the guise of letters to his sickly mother. [3]

Wife Edit

His wife of two years, Doji Sasumiko, discovered his true nature when he talked in his sleep. She was with child when she one morning revealed to him that she knew. She took poison, rather than betray her husband whom she loved, killing herself and her unborn child. [3]

Ancestral Sword of the Lion Edit

Shori, the Ancestral Sword of the Lion, was under Crane control kept by Doji Kuwanan, the Crane Clan Champion. Osen stole the sword from Shinden Asahina and brought it again to the Lion. [5] [6] Further investigation uncovered Osen's facade. [2]

Death Edit

Osen commited seppuku shortly after he returned the sword to Shiro Matsu. His fainal haiku was an apology to his Crane wife. [2]

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Syllable of Time imples that Osen was a servant of the Doji. Tournament results clearly make Daidoji Osen a Lion Spy. It is clear that the two are the same person. Technically the Daidoji are "servants" of the Doji. As such Sasumiko should possibly be a Daidoji also, although no other references to Sasumiko could be found at this time.

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