Kitsu Norinaga 
Kitsu Norinaga 
Born: 1119 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Unnamed brother

Kitsu Norinaga was a shugenja of the Lion Clan who became a bloodspeaker.

Early life Edit

Norinaga was born in 1119 among the Kitsu Tombs who grew with the ambition to become a Sodan-senzo. In 1132, the corrupted Jade Champion Kitsu Okura and Okura no Oni ravaged the tombs. Norinaga's brother was killed in the battle known as Storms over Matsu Castle. His death combined with the vision of the Oni at the tombs changed Norinaga's demeanor. [1]

Kitsu Shugenja Edit

Binding ancestors Edit

In 1141, he was accepted in the Kitsu Shugenja school. After a time he began to bind those ancestors who he considered as friends. An Ikoma ancestor was bound to a mirror, the better to take him out of the Tombs. The soul of the Lion spy Akodo Shinju was bound to his tanto. He even learned how to command them to gain their full affect. A few spirits challenged him, to whom Norinaga asked how to travel to the Spirit Realms, as a great Sodan-senzo, who he was not. [1]

Possesed Edit

The spirit of Kitsu Sakura shared the secret Norinaga ambitioned, but Norinaga's spirit was sent to Jigoku. He lose his sanity and Sakura melded herself to his soul. Norinaga's mind has never recovered and Sakura became his secret advisor. Sakura told he would never be selected as sodan-senzo, but he would be something better. Norinaga began to perform deeper and darker rituals. [1]

Tsuno attack Edit

In 1159 the Tombs were overrun by Tsuno. Norinaga defended the Tombs using maho, which drove the Tsuno off from one of the tombs. He could no longer hide his true nature from the other shugenja and fled. [1]

Bloodspeaker Edit

In 1160 Norinaga was recruited by Chuda Mishime and occupied one of the vacants in the Circle of Five. At that time his madness grew, and called his kansen "blossom," "my blood sister," or just "sister." [2]

Ally Edit

The aged Doji Adoka allied to Norinaga and passed him part of his knowledge on maho. [3]


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