Kitsu Motoichi was a shugenja of the Lion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Motoichi was a bitter man over his inability to walk the Spirit Realms. He was not able to be trained in the Sodan Senzo school and focused in his ability as shugenja and artisan. [1]

Journey to the Burning Sands Edit

In 1130 Ikoma Tsanuri assigned Motoichi as part of the Lion escort of the Scorpion Clan in their exile to the Burning Sands. The assignment was a punishment for her constant inability to work alongside his cousins. [1]

Back to Rokugan Edit

Motoichi experience in the Burning Sands had transformed Motoichi, both physically and spiritually. It made him a better man, increasing his perseverance and the bond with the kami. He helped the Scorpion to fight the Senpet and defeat a powerful evil in the city of Medinaat al-Salaam. In 1132 Moitichi was marching back to Rokugan with the Scorpion Clan led by the Kami Shinjo. The Scorpion Clan had aided Shinjo in escaping the crysteel prison where she had languished for centuries. The Moto rode beside them, with his khan, Moto Gaheris at command. [1]

Quest Edit

A group of Ki-Rin that were left behind centuries ago had became the Fox Clan. Another smaller group also remained in the border of Rokugan to keep an eye in the Empire. Upon the return of the Ki-Rin they should inform of any danger there to be prepared for. But nobody was there to report and Shinjo commanded Motoichi to find them. [1]

Death Edit

Motoichi did not see Shinjo again. He found a building with no one within it, empty for centuries. He read their records and discovered that they had knowledge of the Lying Darkness and sought a means to destroy it, but in doing so only gained its attention. The Shadows came for them and destroyed all who dwelled there. Motoichi crafted a perfect crystal tessen from the gaijin crystal that the Shadows had used to trap Lady Shinjo. He was supposedly killed by minions of the Shadows as well. [1]


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