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Kitsu Miro 
Kitsu Miro 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named brother 
Titles: Kitsu Daimyo

Kitsu Miro was a Water shugenja and Sodan Senzo of the Lion Clan. She was taught by her brother in the art of warfare [1] and was appointed as the Kitsu Daimyo.

Colonies Edit

Miro was sent to the Colonies, and she used to tend a shrine in the Temple District of the Second City. In 1198 Miro as Lion representative attended the court of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime. Asako Kaitoko, representative of the Council of Five, pondered the dangers of exploration for the city. Permission was granted for the construction of a new temple for the Asako Inquisitors within the Temple District. This was seen by the Lion as an affront to the honor of their Clan, as Lion samurai had been the defenders of the city over the course of more than two decades. [2] When she later met with the Agasha Daimyo Agasha Kurou, she explained her bitterness. Suikihime had shown that the Lion could not be trusted to defend the Second City, and so the Phoenix Clan had chosen to intervene. [3]

Boyoh Tower Edit

Miro was the advisor of a shireikan, and in the absence of her lord she took command of a guard station in the border of the eastern jungle. An oni from the Shadowlands had burrowed beneath the jungles and broken into the Colonies on one occasion. The fortress was built over pre-existing structures, a tower of unknown origin, building the new fortification around it because the Lion were unable to destroy the tower. [4]

Siege of the Second City Edit

Miro pondered with Matsu Arata about the outcome of the Siege of the Second City. The Ninth Imperial Legion outside the city had many of their Clansmen within, and bloodshed on either side would fall on Lion. [5] The city eventually surrendered.

Madness Edit

The claws of P'an Ku reached across Ningen-do and its madness spread all the districts of the city. Miro sent word to the Imperial Legion through Arata. [6]

Daimyo Edit

In 1199 Miro was appointed as the new Kitsu Daimyo after she had proven herself a born leader in her position in the Second City. [7]

Preceded by:
Kitsu Daimyo
1199 - Present
Succeeded by:

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