Kitsu Kozu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Half of 10th century

Kitsu Kozu was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Training Edit

Kozu had little aptitude as shugenja and was accepted into the Castle of the Swift Sword Dojo. He was the only Kitsu, and treated as an outsider he became fond of the only Crane student, the maiden Doji Echiko. [1]

Betrothal Edit

One year after their gempukku their parents consented Kozu would marry into Echiko's family, who lived at Toshi Ranbo. The recently appointed Lion Clan Champion Matsu Goratu was outraged at the very idea of one of his clan marrying a Crane, so he came to Kozu and request the head of Echiko and her father. [2]

Death Edit

At the head of an army seven thousand men strong Kozu assaulted the Crane city, taking the lifes his champion claimed. Kozu returned and refuised the position of general that Goratu offered to him. Instead Kozu committed seppuku to show his disdain for the Champion's demands. [2]

Legacy Edit

Matsu Goratu was shamed by his vassal's actions and proclaimed himself unfit for the position of champion, retiring to the life of a monk. Goratu raised a Shrine to Benten, the Fortune of Romantic Love, in honor of Kozu and Echiko, spending the resr of his life at the village which would be knwon as Blue Chrysanthemum Village. [2]


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