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Kitsu Koji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1127

Kitsu Koji was a bushi and shugenja of the Lion Clan.

Childhood Edit

Koji had been fostered to Kyuden Isawa by his father, a noble samurai of the Lion Clan who wanted his son to became a shugenja. Koji, Shiba Tsukune, and Isawa Uona were almost inseparable since childhood. They spent many summer seasons under the care of Bashiko, and in winter time Tsukune returned to be trained with the Lion Clan, while Uona and Koji were taught by old sensei Isawa Gaoshi. Uona also spent several seasons being taught in the Kakita Artisan Academy. [1]

True Love Edit

By the time Uona celebrated her eighteenth year, she had returned permanently to the Phoenix lands. Eventually, just before New Year, the trio of friends exchanged gifts, prior to take the duties that would separate them. Koji gave Uona a translocation spell, while Tsukune gave her a silvered tanto, which had been given by her father in his deathbed. Later this year Koji would return permanently to his father's side, to join the Lion Clan Army. He told Uona that Tsukune had rejected to become his wife. Unknown to him, Uona was heartbroken, because she had loved Koji, and wished he would ask her to marry, instead to their common friend. [1]

Death Edit

During the Clan War, in 1127, a Phoenix army led by Tsukune was intercepted by the Lion. Matsu Agetoki ordered Koji to duel his old friend to determine the victor. He had been trained to duel by his father and by his cousin Matsu Gohei, but Koji knew he was not a match for Tsukune. She found a flaw in his attack, and attempted to struck for the juncture of throat and shoulder, which would let him alive. During the duel, Uona had opened the Dark Divination Black Scroll at Kyuden Isawa. She saw the duel on her mind, and decided to use the translocation spell to stab Tsukune with the tanto she had gifted her years ago, to return back to Isawa Castle instantly after. Tsukune's strike was interrupted, thrusting in Koji's throat. While Tsukune had not planned to kill him, Uona believed so and magically interfered with Tsukune's strike, actually causing his death. [1]

Aftermath Edit

The shugenja's head was carried back to the Phoenix stronghold as a trophy. [2] Matsu Tsuko, enraged by the action, declared a Blood feud on Tsukune. [3] [4]

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