Kitsu Kanae

Kitsu Kanae

Kitsu Kanae was a water shugenja of the Lion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Kanae was a long-time fan of the arts, who appreciated the addition of artisan performances in the courts. She even became part of an acting performance in the courts. [1]

Imperial Court Edit

Accounts of the Colonies Edit

Kanae was a member of the Imperial Court at Toshi Ranbo. She met Ikoma Natsu there, who in 1199 had been recently appointed as one of the clan's senior magistrates within the city. They shared at court the unveiling of a new paint from Ikoma Satoru, which depicted Shinjo Kinto taken in custody by an Imperial, Otomo M'rika. She demanded satisfaction for the destruction of so many of her family's holdings during the Siege of the Second City. They believed it was an opportunity to fill the position of the Ninth Imperial Legion Commander with a Lion. [1]

A Matter of Honor Edit

In 1199 Kanae blamed the Crab had let an oni of the Shadowlands, Minikui no Oni, to pass their lines unnoticed. In its rampage the demon slaughtered many peasants and samurai alike, before it was killed. Yasuki Jekku swore that would be a reckoning for this slight against the Crab's honor. The Crab and the Lion raised their armies and confronted each other in the Plains of Thunder, until it was eventually exposed that a corrupted shugenja descendant of the defunct Shimizu family had summoned the Oni. [2]

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Kanae casting a spell


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