Kitsu Kagako

Kitsu Kagako

Kitsu Kagako was a water shugenja of the Lion Clan. Her grandmother granted guidance to Kagako. [1]

Shinrai Edit

Kagako was an advisor of her lady Akodo Dairuko. [2] The shugenja aided the Lion Clan Champion to remove any doubt before she took Shinrai, the Celestial Sword of the Lion, for first time. [3]

Colonies Edit

In 1198 her Champion trusted Kagako to travel to the Colonies and investigate the rampant exploration taking place there. Near a cliff overlooking a small lake, Kagako found a portal [2] to Chikushudo, [4] in a place which would be known as the Cliffs of Pekkle's Laughter. [5]

Sensei Edit

Kitsu Kagako 2

Kagako Sensei

As sensei Kagako passed her knowledge to the next generations. [6]

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