Kitsu Jikai was a Kitsu Sodan Senzo of the Lion Clan.

Legacy of the Forge Edit

Jikai devoted his life to study the original texts of the Legacy of the Forge, figthing spirits of Toshigoku who were sealed off within a distant part of the underworld by the Sodan-Senzo Masters and forgotten. [1]

Controlling the Legacy Edit

Jikai theorized these spirits could be controlled with the sacrifice of kami spirits, and only when a bridge between Toshigoku and Ningen-do was made, through an epic battle. Jikai believed that it would be possible for someone to lead them across the barren realm of Meido and into Jigoku where they belonged, but only at the cost of that samurai. [2]

Danger Edit

The greatest danger was that as long as the toshi remained in the Living World, every death by their hand would increase their number. Unless the ritual to lead them home was performed quickly, a Legacy unleashed upon the Empire would rapidly grow out of any kami's control, destroying everything it touched. [3]

Lost and Discovered Edit

His notes were despised by the Sodan-Senzo Masters, and the notes were exiled within the Kitsu Archives within the Castle of the Swift Sword. Those which detailed a potential ritual to attempt this were considered heretical. They were found in the 12th century by Bayushi Sozui, who aided by a traitor sodan senzo, Kitsu Goden, [2] would lead in the Battle on the Plains of Gaiju Shindai and the Battle of the Forgotten Tide. [4]


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