Kitsu Ichiosu 
Kitsu Ichiosu 
Born: 566 
Died: 598 
Parents: Un-named Kitsu Sodan Senzo,
Un-named Matsu

Kitsu Ichiosu was a Sodan Senzo and a Maho-tsukai of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Ichiosu was the son of a Kitsu Sodan Senzo father and a Matsu mother. [1]

Training Edit

His parents had bargained any of the children gifted for magic would follow the Sodan Senzo path, but when it was apparent that Ichiosu was also gifted for the martial instruction his mother regretted the arrangement. Ichiosu was secretly trained as a bushi by his mother, poisoning the relation between son and father. [1]

Sodan Senzo Edit

Ichiosu hated to enter the Sodan Senzo school and uses its magic to reach Jigoku alone, corrupting his soul. He returned as a Maho-tsukai of great power and began to use his new blessings to destroy Lion shrines and villages. [2]

Death Edit

Ichiosu was cornered by a Kitsu army in the mortal realm, and by a Lion ancestor force in the Spirit Realms. He was imprisoned and tortured to death. [3]

After Death Edit

Ichiosu discouraged those who followed the Celestial Order and the Kharmic Wheel beliefs. He sought to rise himself above his present station as a servant of Fu Leng. Ichiosu haunted his descendants, requesting to follow the path he took in life, to embrace the maho. [4]


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