Kitsu Huiyuan 
Kitsu Huiyuan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 
Siblings: Kitsu Gongsun

Kitsu Huiyuan was a sodan senzo of the Lion Clan.

Constant Struggle Edit

From his childhood days as the target of bullies to his early days in the Lion armies, Huiyuan never knew a moment's peace. From battles against the Crane in 1124 up to the end of 1132 Huiyuan was the oldest thirty-year-old in the Lion Clan. [1]

Corruption of the Lion Edit

Kitsu Huiyuan 2

Kitsu Huiyuan

Huiyuan returned to the Kitsu Tombs, and found oni and maho-tsukai alongside his brethren. He consulted his ancestors, but they were too busy defending themselves against the Living Darkness. [1] The souls of Huiyuan's parents had been consumed by the Shadows. [2]

Death Edit

Huiyuan decided to confront the corruption, killing several tainted Kitsu, including his Bloodspeaker brother Kitsu Gongsun, and even an Akuma spawn. But in the end he was murdered by an oni. [1]

After Death Edit

To Huiyuan came the spirit of one of the First Five, founders of his family and members of the Kitsu race. Huiyuan was carried into Yomi becoming a shiryo, where he joined his ancestors in the battle against the Living Darkness. [1]

Shinden Yuisho Edit

After the War Against Shadow Huiyuan was accepted at Shinden Yuisho, the temple built in Yomi by the sodan senzo. He was the only dead spirit that had ever been allowed to tend the shrine. [1]

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