Please note: This article is about the Kitsu Daimyo. For other uses of the term, please see Eiji (disambiguation).
Kitsu Eiji 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 535 
Titles: Kitsu Daimyo

Kitsu Eiji was the Kitsu Daimyo under the rule of Hantei XII.

Five Rings, Five Clans Edit

In the year 521 Eiji was orderd by the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Kento to contact the monk Gorinno, the spiritual leader of the religious movement known as the Five Rings, Five Clans. The monk had suggested the Empire was unbalanced, and the solution was to merge the Crane and Scorpion Clans. The peasant revolts of the previous year had convinced Kento that Gorinno's teachings could be used against both Great Clans. Gorinno and Kento soon became friends. [1]

Death Edit

In the next years the Lion promoted the creation of the Order of the Five Rings, dedicated to the study of Gorinno's teachings. A new Emperor ascended, who made Gorinno his Imperial Advisor. Five Ring monks began to openly attack opposing samurai and violence escalated between Fortunist and Shintaoist sects of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. Eventually in 535 the Order of the Five Rings was named a False Path, Gorinno was banished from Otosan Uchi, and the Order disbanded by Imperial Edict of Hantei XIII. At Winter Court, Akodo Kento and Kitsu Eiji committed seppuku to atone for their involvement in the Heresy of the Five Rings. [2]

Preceded by:
Kitsu Daimyo
(c. 521) - 535
Succeeded by:


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