Please note: This article is about the Kitsu family founder, the Kitsu known as Soli Tendo. For other uses of the term, please see Kitsu (disambiguation).
Kitsu (founder) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 42 
Spouse: Un-named Akodo's daughter 
Children: Two un-named sons,
Kitsu Chiyoko 
Titles: Kitsu family Founder

Soli Tendo was a member of the Kitsu race, one of the First Five members who survived the purge of Akodo, joining the Lion Clan as Kitsu, [1] founder of the Kitsu family. [2]

Kitsu Edit

Hatred for the Tsuno Edit

Tendo had a special, hatred of the Tsuno, the aberrant crimi­nal tribe of Kitsu. The Tsuno were his fallen cousins, and Tendo considered it a mercy to kill them. [3]

Hatred for the Humans Edit

When Akodo exterminated his race, Tendo was the dis­senting voice that did not wish to surrender to the humans. However, when Akodo presented himself to the First Five and humbly begged their forgive­ness, he forgave him. [3] Tendo became the leaders of the survivors. [4]

Lion Family Edit

Tendo wed one of the daughters of Akodo, and bore a daughter, Kitsu Chiyoko. Tendo and his brothers set their first children to the task of recording, deciphering, and re-apportioning millennia of kitsu learning into a form humans could understand. His daughter would eventually become the first Sodan-senzo of the Lion Clan. [5]

War Against Fu Leng Edit

During the War Against Fu Leng Akodo's wife, Nisiko, was sequestered by the enemy. Akodo rushed and managed to arrive to her side, fleeing to a house near the River of the Drowned Merchant. Akodo's heir was born there, and with him was the future of the Lion Clan. Kitsu, two of his sons and one daughter left themselves behind to cover their Lord's escape. [6]

Death Edit

Kitsu walked across the stream and into the field of battle alone, but beside him fought the souls of every man that had fallen to Fu Leng's evil power. This same day Shinden Shorai was founded [7] in the place where the first Akodo's son was born. [8] His

Human and Afterlife Edit

As human Tendo repressed his violent urges and his hatred of humans. After he died he only guided as an ancestor those whose bloodlines contained some hint of the true kitsu, [3] such as Kuni Mokuna. [9]

Preceded by:
Kitsu Daimyo
Pre-calendar - (c. 42)
Succeeded by:
Kitsu's son


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