Kishimoto was the vicious pirate leader of the Rolling Waves in the middle 12th century.

Demeanor Edit

Kishimoto was a very impulsive man who did not restrain himself or his emotions. He was a short man with a fearsome presence, with oily smiles, shifty eyes, and slick responses. Kishimoto only desired money and respect. The other pirates followed him out of fear, not respect. [1]

Kitao's Supporter Edit

He secretely supported the defeated Yoritomo Kitao in the Mantis Civil War, so he cut all ties the wako had with the Mantis Clan and began to raid merchant vessels for personal profit. He still used his forces for the Mantis' benefit, and his stronghold was under Mantis protection. Kishimoto knew that was a matter of time until the new Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Kumiko would find out about his betrayal. [2]

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