Kishida was a monk of the Spider Clan. Among the Spider he was known as a paragon of Shourido, the Dark Deeds.

Before the SpiderEdit

Little was known of Kishada's past before his service to Fu Leng. What little that was known was that he appeared in the Dark Kami's service shortly before the abandonment of the City of the Lost. The only hints to his past was that his devotions bore a distinct resemblance to the ways of the Temple of Osano-Wo. During the time of Kokujin, Kishida kept his distance, feeling that the 'mad monk' sought to become a god, not serve a true kami. When Kokujin fell, Kishada gathered the remnants into the true service of the Order of the Spider and the Temple of Venom. [1]

Mission of the SpiderEdit

Kishida was given his new mission by Daigotsu himself. Explaining his plan to infiltrate the clans to him and Roshungi, Kishida was then sent into the Empire settling in a small village on the border of Scorpion lands. Posing as a typical monk in the village of Shutai, Kishada gathered info on the Clan of Secrets, while maintaining a working relationship with the local bandits. [2] Any who investigated him found that Kishida was an opium addict, providing services to the bandits in the area in exchange for the drug. This was a facade tha he used to conceal his true agenda. [3]

Spider Infiltration Edit

When in 1171 during the War of Dark Fire the Army of Fire menaced the ancestral home of the Shiba family, Shiro Shiba, Shiba Yoma and Asako Kanta were aided by the Imperial Advisor Susumu to gather the Shiba Yojimbos from their charges withou any loss of face in court. The yojimbo were replaced by sohei of the Order of the Spider. [4]

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