Kisada's Blockade 
Kisada's Blockade
Location: Otosan Uchi
Date: Month of the Ox of 1127
Major Forces: Empire,
Lion Clan,
Crab Clan
Generals: Hantei XXXIX,
Matsu Tsuko,
Hida Kisada
Battles of Rokugan

Kisada's Blockade was the invasion of the shores of the Golden Sun Bay and its blockade by a Crab fleet, prior to their attack over Otosan Uchi.

Preambles Edit

Crab Fleet Sabotaged Edit

The Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada in his quest for power had devised a land and naval invasion to seize the Imperial City, Otosan Uchi. At Earthquake Fish Bay the Kaiu manned the shipyards in perparation of a great fleet. The Empire was greatly concerned on the corruption of the Crab, which was made evident when the Battle of Beiden Pass broke, where their Shadowlands allies fought alongside the army of the Great Bear. The Mantis entered into action and in the Month of the Serpent of 1127 they sent infiltrators to sabotage the shipyards, setting the Crab's plans back by nearly a full year. [1]

Ghostly Reinforcements Edit

The Crab's failure in the Battle of Beiden Pass led them to extend their alliance with the Shadowlands. Hida Sukune sacrificed to the Terrible Standard of Fu Leng, and Hida Yakamo gave his name to Yakamo no Oni. Ghostly ships were prepared to sail with the Crab fleet. [2]

Along the Coast at Midnight Edit

Along the Coast at Midnight

Crab fleet Along the Coast at Midnight

Hiruma Scouts were sent near the shores of the coastline between the Crab lands and Otosan Uchi. They set fires during night, allowing the koutetsukan to determine the position of the coast, sailing safe until they reached Golden Sun Bay, [3] in the Month of the Ox. The Lion legions of Matsu Tsuko had been spread over the Plain of Fast Troubles, expecting a land invasion. The undefended shores of the bay were seized and the invading army disembarked without fight. The Crab navy blockaded the bay, their koutetsukan forming an impassable barrier against anyone attempting to enter or leave by sea. [4]

Lion at Bay Edit

The Lion rallied, but unexpectedly Matsu Tsuko was forbidden to lead the Lion force into battle by Imperial Edict. Knowing that her subcommanders could not hope to defeat an army led by the legendary Hida Kisada, she did not let her army to attack the Crab, leaving the city undefended. [4]

Aftermath Edit

In a daring midnight assault, the Crab and their Shadowlands allies breach the walls of Otosan Uchi in the Month of the Hare of 1128. Fu Leng had seized the fully control of the Emperor's body and mortally wounded Kisada in the Imperial Palace. Immediately after the Crab daimyo and his son confronted him, the Shadowlands Horde turned on its Crab allies. The Crab navy broke its blockade and turned south, but many koutetsukan were destroyed by Skull Tide Gaki and ghost-ships. Crab and Lion troops were cut down mercilessly as they fled the city. [5]


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