Kiri no Oni

Kiri no Oni

Kiri no Oni was a spawn of an ancient and deadly creature which was believed to be a hunting demon.

Appearance Edit

Kiri no Oni was an enormous arachnid creature with many eyes. Its long limbs were covered with razor-sharp ridges, and taper down to blade-like claws. It was a native denizen of the Shadowlands. It was difficult to reach it in a close combat, so missile attacks were the easiest way to deal with. [1] The original Kiri emerged from the Festering Pit of Fu Leng. [2]

Spawns Edit

Its spawns were independent and solitary. Vaguely resembling a huge spider, they hunted their preys by building highly elaborate traps, including webs and other deadly pits. Their tactics were to trap and immobilize their opponents before devouring them. [3] Cunning and dangerous, these massive oni prefered nonetheless to remain hidden as much as possible and their intelligence was limited to the making of their traps. [4]

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