Please note: This article is about Kirei, a Shadowlands creature made by Shahai. For other uses of the term, please see Kirei (disambiguation).
Kirei (Shadowlands creature)

Kirei (Shadowlands creature)

Kirei was a Shadowlands creature made by Shahai. She combined pieces of various creatures with a still living human torture victim to create the kirei, a hunting beast. The Dark Daughter kept with her several packs of them when she was within the Shadowlands. Skinless, with claws, a tail, pieces of various creatures, all fused into its body, with a mask of stitched human skin magically bounded to its face. It moved with an alien, yet almost feline grace. During the Time of Demons Shahai used some of the disloyal Lost to make new Kirei and gifted them to those who remained loyal to Daigotsu. [1]

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  • Kirei (Fall of Otosan Uchi)


  1. Creatures of Rokugan: Third Edition, p. 125

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