Born: Unknown 
Died: 607 
Parents: Un-named Sparrow Clan Champion 
Titles: Fortune of Torture

Suzume Kirako was the daughter of the Sparrow Clan Champion. She was elevated as Kirako, the Fortune of Torture, by the reviled Emperor Hantei XVI.

Demeanor Edit

Kirako was charming, intelligent, lovely, and trusting young woman who made friends easily. [1]

Emperor's Advisor Edit

In summer of 589 her childhood friend Hantei Okucheo became the Emperor Hantei XVI, and recalled Kirako to his side as one of his closest advisors, alongside Daidoji Tojo, Hida Tsuneo, Miya Karuo, Shosuro Tsia, and Akodo Tsurikan. [2] The Emperor invited her to gauge the feelings of commoners and poorer samurai about his rule. Kirako spent much of her time traveling the Empire, learning about conditions in different regions, helping wherever she could. She soon became the face of Imperial charity. [3]

Death and Fortune Edit

Kirako was ignorant of her Emperor's true nature. In 607 she protested the use of torture against a noble samurai in open court. The Steel Chrysanthemum tortured to death his childhood friend and the next day named her the Fortune of Torture, as a way to humiliate one of his deceased foes. Kirako was forced to serve in the Celestial Order for all eternity as the patron of the very thing she had loathed. [1]

“I cannot stand by as you torture an innocent man, my lord. I must object! Please, do not do this!”
- Last words of Suzume Kirako [4]

Lost God Edit

Despite her origin the Fortune of Torture could not be rescinded nor could she be ignored. [5] The real name of the fortune was lost to the ages. Legends said the Fortune of Torture was in life Seppun Guardsman who plotted against the Hantei. He became one of the Lost Gods after his proclaim as the Fortune of Torture upon his execution. [6]

Worship Edit

The Temple of Lost Gods was built in the first year of the reign of Hantei XVII dedicated to these 'lost' Fortunes but they were otherwise ignored in both the mortal realm and in Tengoku. [5] Also a small shrine devoted to Kirako was built at the High House of Light. [7]

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