Kinyobi was a bandit ronin leader of the Forest-Killers, remnants of the Yugoro's Hordes, whose original leader, Yugoro, had disappeared near the end of the Clan War. [1]

New Yugoro Edit

In 1165 the samurai-ko and former Emerald Magistrate Ide Nominari appeared and claimed to be Yugoro's soul reborn. Kinyobi was a quiet man and allowed Nominari's virtual takeover of his band. He became an advisor to the new leader, and his close contact with Nominari, made him realize that her unusual manner and erratic attitude were caused by a mind broken with grief. He suspected some form of spiritual activity was active there. [1]

Possessed LeaderEdit

Nominari had been possessed by a shozai-gaki that had merged his spirit with the late Yugoro, and eventually the magistrate had been overcome by the bandit-Lord's will. [2] In 1167 Nominari was hunted down. [3]


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